Julian Osborne is a Fitness and Portrait Photographer

I am Julian Osborne, and I am a freelance photographer based in Ipswich, Suffolk. I began my photography career in London, where I lived for 23 years. 

Whilst in London, I photographed many different subjects, but my passion has always been for the human physical form. My other great passion is fitness, and so it was not long before I was concentrating my efforts on fitness photography.

I began shooting guys from my local gym, and soon grew a reputation which brought clients from further away. Soon clients were travelling from Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, etc, to shoot with me in London.  I have also traveled to locations around the UK to shoot with clients. 

I have a studio in Ipswich, Suffolk, where I love to create dramatic sculpted images, showcasing the musculature of my clients. I love to carve the muscular form from he shadows with my lighting, to make breathtaking images of the raw power of the human form.

Clients have returned to work together again, and have recommended me to others. Nothing pleases me more than a satisfied client.

Great photographs are the result of a good relationship and understanding between the photographer and the client. I believe in taking time to understand the needs of my client and collaborating to reach the end result. 

I love building a  strong rapport between both parties is essential.

I also like to work in an organic and spontaneous way, as I believe some of the best photographs are unplanned. 

Contact me today to discuss your photo shoot. I look forward to hearing from you.

(+44) 07870 189258